To promote Season 2 of Syfy's edgy fantasy The Magicians, we transformed 18,000 square feet of raw space into an immersive, interactive Hall of Magic in which guests could experience what it’s like to be magicians in a magical world.

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To enter the Hall, a dark, narrowing hallway used pulsing LED lights to pull guests away from reality and into our mythical world.


Guests exited The Tunnel through a small door that revealed itself on the other side as a grandfather clock,  and suddenly they were inside the Grand Hall – an intriciate thoroughfare full of portals leading to a diverse collection of environments that each brought magic to life in a different way.


Some environments were created as art installations, and some were adventures through a responsive playground. Some were fueled by invisible technology, and others were a mix of beautiful production design, actors and age-old stage tricks. And every inch of it was designed to empower guests to capture and share photos and videos at every turn.

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The Hall of Magic drove over 225 million media impressions and 21 million social media impressions. Season 2 premiered with 76% growth in their target demo of 18-34 year olds, and the biggest increase of 18-49 year-old viewers for any Syfy original scripted series ever.



Branding & Identity
Creative Direction
Experience Design
Production Design
Full production oversight
Interactive Technology
Event website
Event staffing


This project was performed by the Makeout team while at a previous agency.


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