Makeout is built to create and produce things - fun, interesting, human, thought-provoking, buzzworthy things.

We are creatives and producers who make films, video series, immersive experiences, interactive installations, festivals, pop-ups and all kinds of other things that inspire people to have genuine moments with you.

What we really care about is helping your brand genuinely engage with culture and real people, and it just so happens that there are lots of different ways to do that, but they always seem to boil down to the two departments of our company:

Content & Experiential.

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The Founders

Makeout was founded in 2017 by Eric Fleming and Greg Privett, two industry vets who joined forces in 2012 and whose work since then has earned three Clio awards, as well as press coverage by NY Times, Time, Forbes, Fast Company, Refinery29, Vogue, USA Today, Mashable and many more.

Eric Fleming, Executive Producer & Cofounder

Eric Fleming, Executive Producer & Cofounder

Greg Privett, Creative Director & Cofounder

Greg Privett, Creative Director & Cofounder


Our House Rules

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Everything starts with a good idea

Something you can say in a phrase. Such a perfect fit to the challenge that it implies its own strategy. So authentic that no one really cares it’s marketing. So engaging that as soon as people hear it, even if they don’t totally understand it, they like it.

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We all want to be led

The most powerful brands are the ones that lead people - through their vision, their story and their products. By confidently sharing their unique perspective of the world, they become much harder to ignore. People must take a position.


We love remembering we're human

No matter what style it takes, there’s one thing that literally never gets old: Reminding people they’re human. Crafting stories and experiences full of heart and personal touch. Speaking to people bluntly, plainly, or even just casually. Revealing the human condition.

It doesn’t even matter if they can relate to the specific experience you’re exploring. It just needs to feel empathetic, vulnerable and true.

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Taste is half the battle

The number of choices that go into any given idea or execution can make your head spin. We pride ourselves in our ability to learn a brand or property to the point that our gut instincts align. Because it’s all those little details that add up to become someone’s impression of what you’ve created.


Add nuance, not nuisance

From concept through wrap, we’re always searching for ways to add layers to a campaign or production through partnerships, influencer integrations, little surprises and executional details.

Ever deeper. Never more complicated.

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We are Unspecialists

We’re an interdisciplinary team with no interest in specializing in a certain brand category, creative style or medium. Instead we have focused on two processes:

  1. Developing entertaining ideas that perfectly fit a given challenge or opportunity

  2. Solving creative and production challenges of all shapes and sizes to pull off those ideas, regardless of particular experience

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