Believe it or not, 35 states in our country still charge sales tax on tampons and pads, while other items - like chocolate bars, gun club memberships and bingo supplies - are tax-exempt because they're deemed "necessities." That’s why the awesome team at LOLA partnered with the law and policy experts at Period Equity to start a new campaign: Tax Free. Period. And we were the lucky ones to bring it to life.

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The campaign is designed to put these 35 states on notice - and if the states don’t take action by Tax Day 2020, then the two organizations will mobilize legal action against them. It’s just the kind of awesomely bold stance that a straightforwardly discriminatory issue deserves in today’s world.

Beyond the anthem video, we created a website with a slew of state-specific social graphics to help people across the country spread the word and make their voice heard - whether they live in a tampon tax state or not.

You can see the full site, and take the pledge to stand against the tampon tax, at

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