Cool update! We've evolved this project into a standalone product – an award-winning experiential photo/video/GIF booth platform that empowers the perfect content opportunity for any event, and then delivers that content right to your phone, seamlessly and in real-time.

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Hermès puts on the most stunning events you could ever imagine – and then poof, they’re gone. We created a custom, immersive camera ecosystem that captures photos and videos of guests amidst the night’s sights and sounds, and delivers it all right their phones seamlessly and in real time.

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See Photoland in action at its debut event

Here's how it works

Upon arrival, each guest is given a custom RFID token loaded with their personal information. For Hermès we designed and built wooden chips, but it could also be wristbands, hotel-style cards, or virtually anything else.  




Once checked-in, the guest receives an auto-generated welcome email and text message, with a link to their personal web page that collects and showcases all the photos, videos, and GIFs they make throughout the event.

Our proprietary camera ecosystem then connects these RFID tokens to professional-grade cameras, custom interfaces, dynamic lighting and personal landing pages. As a result, guests can tap their token in select locations, interact with an immersive “content stage,” and receive the resulting photo, video or GIF right to their personal landing page – all seamlessly, all in real-time, with content that’s perfectly designed for sharing.

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We first envisioned and built the Photoland ecosystem for The Flamingo Party, in celebration of the reopening of the Hermès Miami flagship store. We've since developed the platform, and employed it at events such as the Hermès Mens fashion presentation in LA, as well as the premiere of The Nice Guys film for Warner Bros. Pictures.

We now offer Photoland as a high touch, super-customizable content creation ecosystem for live experiences of all kinds. Check out the Photoland website, or email to learn more. 



Creative Direction
UX/UI Design
Token Design & Fabrication
Hardware Development
Software Development


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Original Photoland projects were performed by the Makeout team while at a previous agency.

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