For Halloween, JetBlue decided to go to its three busiest cities and join the trick-or-treating fun by “moving in” and becoming the one house that always has the full-size candy - and with all the spooky bells and whistles a kid could hope for. Welcome to the JetBoo House.

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What is a JetBoo House, you ask? Basically it's a spooky (but inviting!) "house at the end of the block" that's covered in cobwebs and fog, where kiddos can trick or treat for full-size candy and adults can get scratchers that offer a chance for a free flight. 

When JetBlue’s awesome ad agency MullenLowe approached us with the idea to do 3 JetBoo Houses in 3 cities - NYC, Boston and Fort Lauderdale - all in just under a month, we knew the whole thing would have to come together scary fast. (See what we did there?)

From location scouting and park permitting just weeks out from the event date, to figuring out how to build new/old creepy houses that can be transported to said public spaces, to pumping up the spectacle with neon signs and search lights, simmering cauldrons and rotting cornstalks and a million other special touches, the whole production was a good, fun reminder of how fast things can happen when everyone's on the same page. (Thanks Mullen! Thanks JetBlue!)

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To promote these Halloween Haunts, we went upstate to an authentically maybe-haunted cabin and shot a spooky (but charming!) promo video with dolls and bugs and hands holding knives and specially carved pumpkins.



Location Scouting
Fabrication Oversight
Props & Set Dressing


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