Growth doesn't just happen to you.
You have to earn it.

It's a core value of our company.
So we made a short film about it.

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Makeout Value #1:
Growth is Earned

No matter how many times we've tried or how hard we've wished, we've never just magically grown in our craft, or been given our dream projects. The only way we've ever gotten better at writing stories, physically building things, honing our production processes, or becoming whatever else we've wanted to become is by putting down the excuses and diving in – today, tomorrow, and every day until we know something about something.

When we first launched Makeout, we talked about this a lot as we thought through our vision and values for the new company, and what we loved about our jobs and the creative process. 

Somewhere along the way, our director Everett was reminded of a little story he'd been wanting to share for a long time, about how a person who wants to become a runner actually becomes a runner - by just waking up every morning and doing the damn thing. So we went and made a short film about it. With a $0 budget and a crew of 2 people. (You could say we earned some growth making "Growth is Earned.")

And you know what? Working hard at something you don't know how to do, or are straight-up bad at, always feels painful and scary in the moment, but once you start feeling the growth it's a priceless kind of satisfaction and renewed inspiration that raises all tides in your life. It's so much more rewarding to earn it than to magically wake up with it.

Of course there's something to be said about studying, asking advice from others, investing in the right tools – for running, maybe it's buying the gear and improving your breathing – but we're convinced that getting started is the best way to learn what to improve, or how. Some people call this failing forward, some people call it rapid prototyping, there are probably a million phrases of jargon for it so we'll let you pick your own.

Anyway, this is a running film that's actually about us wanting to get better at work and life and everything else.


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